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Comment on Arguments against “Civilization”

Everything we create, the Jews work to corrupt and destroy. Thanks to the internet, we have global communications. Now the entire world can see the Jewish problem. Communications are out of Jewish control, though the Jews still work relentlessly to destroy.

Blatant examples are what has happened to Yahoo, especially the email and the egroups. A few years ago, both were very user friendly.

The Jew works to ruin anything for the advancement of humanity. One must be knowledgeable in their writings, their foul ‘God” and their character.

The Jew incessantly parades injustice. Their so-called god is the absolute worst when it comes to insane cruelty and injustice. Jewish Hollywood is the same. Slaves must be accepting of any and all kinds of injustices. This is a subliminal.

Civilization must have both laws and justice. The major key in destroying a civilization is through corrupting its legal system. This is a main focus of the Jew. The legal system is infested with Jews from top to bottom.

The entire Talmud is made up of endless unreasonable laws, law after law and also gives the Jew endless exercises in argument. It is a rabbinical commentary on the Torah, its 613 laws and of course laws regarding how to carry out blood sacrifices and other related crap that is a detriment to humanity.

Technology is advancement. Higher beings in other worlds combine both technology and spiritual powers. Both work together. For example, flying saucers can travel at remarkable speeds, as the occupants who pilot the craft combine group telekinesis, all turning their heads one way, making the craft disappear from sight as it moves so fast, working spiritually with the technological capabilities of the craft.

Just as Western Europe experienced the Renaissance after the Jews were expelled and driven east, the world will also advance in civilization after they are gone.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich 666