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Arguments against “Civilization”

In the NS Scene right now, in the more serious alleys where there are Pagan people, we have as always some polarized division that is created by yet again another misconception and not understanding the truth in full. In other words, not knowing Satan.

This has somehow bled over to people misinterpreting Nietzsche and others who were against “Civilization” and pro “Barbarism”. This debate has been going for long, actually, centuries.

Nietzsche and many others defined the barbaric condition as basically…The natural condition of the human being without a jewish despotic system that destroys them into their own civilization, and corrupts them entirely. Ie, a natural state of life without aliens amongst one’s midst.

The only issue any philosophers had from Rousseau to Nietzsche (They share their stance on Civilization being useless and negative for humanity) was upon reflecting of the very recent forms of civilizations who have been hijacked by jews. Which are unspiritual, unidealistic, 100% material, aimless civilizations that only seek to preserve the weak and satisfy the senses of those few slavers at the top.

They never were aware of the jewish problem (they were but they did not go into extent about it) to the extent of how they have corrupted civilization, and therefore of course, they came to hate ‘civilization’. (((Civilization))) today deserves harsh criticism, but these arguments are in the very least stupid. This is equal to hating the symptom of a disorder, when one hasn’t figured out the cause.

And by all means, this is understandable. There was no internet in Nietzsche’s time, or in Rousse’s, or in Evola’s time. Nor the sciences of biology have proven the existence of an alien racial pool within humanity which is called the ‘jewish’ one and so forth.

However some arguments presented are as such:

-“Civilization is decadent”.
-“Civilization is not needed”.
-“Civilization emasculates people and robs freedoms”.

The list goes on. Some people also have the mental incapacity to put in an equal padding civilizations such as Nazi Germany, with let’s say, any other civilization of today’s befallen crap world. This shows how retarded so many of these arguments are in the first place.

For example, how emasculated is a farmer that is self-reliant, owns guns, has no boss, and lives in the country side without any mind controlling technology, and has around a minimum of 5 to 10 children, is never afraid to die of hunter and famine as he will be taken care of by the higher powers in his country, but also the big town nearby so that he can study and learn whatever he pleases. Does that sound really ’emasculated’ to anyone? Because this was the average farmer in Nazi Germany.

Himmler had an aim that no “Survivalist Pagans” know either, which was to create the Warrior Farmer. The Warrior Farmer was to be all of the above, plus have total military training and mental articulation to the level of a commander in the military. Does that sound ‘stupid’ or ’emasculated’, or ‘without freedom’ to anyone?

The people were living largely in a tribal manner, and basically, without any external tribal interference. There was no globalism back then but only in an jewish wet-dream of an idea.

However such dreams in the world we live today, and in the world we will keep living for quite a time from now, are all inapplicable without the sheath of a civilization to protect them. These little dreams cannot exist without a productive shroud.

As for Dennis Wise claiming his crap about “JEWS IN GERMANY”, this Christian Mossad Agent needs to know something fundamental, that some people have been retarded enough to convert to Judaism, but this does NOT make them Jews by blood.

First and foremost, from where are these arguments against ‘civilization’ presented? From a computer, from the internet, from the safety of being protected by a military (civilized construct) by barbarian hordes, from the articulation made by speech because someone taught us how to write, and so forth. Even the safety to express these opinions who have came from being in contrast what one thinks is ‘civilization’, is a civilized matter.

So there is hard hypocrisy here in saying that we should deny the usefulness of these tools. Note: TOOLS. Many people are slaves of these tools, but the people who seek to reach a next level in their understanding need such tools in order to do so. There is no other way to live today.

I have lived in a rural place half of my life. I know how the farm life is, and I know how the high town’s life is. Many people are pretending to be hardcore survivalists and anti-civilization while in fact they are living the basic, rural life, that was the norm in the last century. There is no need to pretend one is some sort of survivalist master that drinks their piss into a cave. I know firsthand how this thing goes.

What many people call ‘survivalism’ today was the life that my own grandparents practiced. Only far worse, as they had no internet, not even a car, and many other things. The same goes for most people because guess what, 100 years ago life was extremely different.

There is also this idea about how uncivilized barbarians are going to be so nice, peaceful and without any jealousy, living happily ever after. If that was the case, what was the primordial URGE that Aristotle and others talked about, to create CIVILIZATION out of nowhere?

This is because at least for Whites, civilizations are a normal thing. I do not consider ‘civilization’ the massive racial cauldron that is called globalism today, but the Town-State was an acute example of civilization. In humans there is an intrinsic need to have some sort of civilization, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes because they want to fulfill other species desires.

However this un-articulation of the human nature, isn’t going to go away by imagining an idyllic society that somehow, is so perfect because there is no civilization in it. And this has been the case for thousands of years.

The point of civilization to exist is to create an environment within where beings can advance spiritually until they reach the next level of their evolutionary process. Then the conventional view of ‘civilization’ as we knew it before, will no longer be ‘necessary’ how we know it today. See the contrast between Globalism, and Nazi Germany. Both can be considered falsely ‘civilizations’; their essence however diametrically opposed. IF ONE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THAT PROCESS, it’s normal that they hate, despise, or misunderstand civilization.

Conside that even the jewish feces have pinned and parasitized on the civilizations of others in their parasitic attempt to keep up with this process of developing themselves. But being lazy as they were and uncreative, they never did this on their own. In the negative term of the word, the jews are the most ‘civilized’ of all the species of the planet, but in the actual contrast of what civilization REALLY is, the jew is an alien barbarian entity, of the lowest slimy nature.

The problem of most civilization haters is that they do not understand the importance of civilization before the jews, and after their emergence into their construct and finally taking it over. The end result is of course hated in more than one ways. Many of these people also blame others such as the Roman Empire for doing what…Creating one of the best civilizations on Earth basically. Because they fell on the jews. Yes, they fell on the jews.

This may seem like it has the simple explanations all these people give every time such as that the “Romans were decadent” and many other fancy explanations plastering at the surface of nothing, but actually, they fell into an alien force and alien forces outside of this planet or even dimension and world. As for the arguments about “Decadence”, how is sexuality and the expression of virility, “DECADENT”. Is this because the bible said so? Even so called sexual deviancy doesn’t have to do with why a civilization falls. It’s a symptom of a falling civilization, but it’s not the cause of this.

Some people state they are Pagan, but their conception still remains fully christian, simply because they do not follow any spiritual path to awaken themselves to their so called new ‘beliefs’. Therefore these beliefs remain as beliefs, and in the end of the day, they remain Christians who say “Hail Odin” or something. Maybe some things were to be considered overly derailed or overly focused, but decadent is merely stupid. The Pagan ethics are not located in the specific matter of one’s genitilia use, in more or less ‘honorable’ ways.

Blaming the Romans for failing is like one of these scrawny people who analyze sports, and say what the people in them could have done better. Of course, these people have never played sports, and can hardly move a limb, but of course, they can be just judges of people ten times more superior than them. The same thing goes for people who think they have the understanding and the brain to judge Hitler, as many of these ‘anti-civilization’ people do. Hitler is beyond their conception to judge or criticize.

And of course like so many others who have failed themselves, they pass harsh judgement down to Hitler in one or another way. Because well, he had to defeat the whole planet isolated in their mind. While these people can’t even defeat their own Christian slave programming. In other words, you are not in a position to be the judge of anything, but yourself at this point.

I myself am not in favor of this ‘civilization’ that is going on here, the “Western Civilization”, and all these pseudo-civilization judaisms that parade as civilizations that are ‘ours’. These are only a cancer and we have nothing to do with them. So far as I am concerned, they must be destroyed, as decadence and race mixing are the crown jewels of such.

However, this does not take away the fact that they are great, that White civilizations are still the most powerful on earth with other homogeneous powerful Gentiles following up close up, and of course, the NECESSITY of a civilization is not taken away either.

The HOW that created civilizations corrupting for nature and destruction of the planet, human beings, races, and all the balance of our world, was the JEW. Not the civilization itself, neither even other Gentiles who many so much blame for coming into other countries and so forth. These are SYMPTOMS of the first CAUSE OF CORRUPTION, which is the JEW. And they will never be solved until this ALIEN element is understood, driven away, and tackled.

One example is however, did Egypt or any other such civilization pollute, attempt nuclear testing (There is proof of high radioactive activity in many places, and it’s proven they possessed the ability to possibly split the atom with their own technology), destroy the planet, and inferiority all the species in teh world forever? No. This is because these civilizations came from the Gods.

Blaming “civilization” is like blaming the fact that humanoids have a body, or a generic fact such as the Sun exists. Is there a point in blaming the sun? Some people may trap it’s rays to create weapons of disaster. Blaming natural facts doesn’t work or mean anything in itself.

So in that case, BLAME THE JEWS INSTEAD. Because the sun cannot be suddenly creating nuclear bombs, neither can simple minerals be created into nukes, or computer chips with AI that wants to conquer the world through data control into a cattle farm. These are all doings of people with specific intents. Blaming the means they use and us for creating constructs that the jews perverted and falling victims into their alien occupation, is the classical jewish recipe of blaming the victims.

The jews are the problem. If the jews abduct your child and they make it into a machine that wants to kill you, do you blame your child, or the jew? The same thing is the case with civilization. Civilization is empowering but there is no guarantee that it will always be in your hands, especially if you have democracy.

Due to factors such as aliens and other forces which are unseen to many, civilizations have now fell into the hands of the enemy.

Lastly, civilization is mandatory, as even if you stop building your own, others will develop theirs. This is a law of nature. And as a final analysis, for those who are aware of the existence of other species beyond of this earth, will understand that having civilization is the only way to survive in this large gamble that is called ‘life’.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666