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Mutilation and drugs are not a part of Aryan Culture

Something I want to address our White brothers and sisters here…

I have read many books on yoga and related over the years. Many of these books include techniques that involve not only dangerous physical practices, such as rag swallowing, but cutting the base of the tongue, long time fasting, etc.

Satan impressed upon me to write an article warning JoS members never to do these things, which I have in the Advanced Satanism section on the JoS website.

My point here is that body mutilation is not a White thing. Piercings, putting large stumps and other things through the earlobes, stretching out the lips, bones through the nose, amputating finger joints and deforming the self is not, nor ever has been White.

This is a blatant example of how spiritual teachings get corrupted. This sort of thing also includes certain dietary practices, especially pushing veganism, cutting out many different foods from one’s diet and so forth. None of this is White. Gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, intolerant, intolerant… This does not apply to White people.

I also want to add here that the White race does not have a history of substance use/abuse, meaning getting “high” and “stoned.” Yes Whites have used liquor for centuries, but not the substances that non-Whites have a long history of using and presently use.

In closing, I also want to add more proof of how the Jews were also in the Far East and it is a strong possibility that the White Aryans left and headed West to Europe to get away from them.

Those of you who are familiar with Jewish written grimoires of spirit abuse with their nine-foot circles and angels, abusing Demons, may have come across a spice used in East Indian cooking known as Asafoetida. From what I know of it, it is exclusively East Indian. It has a sulphur oder. Jews use this to burn when abusing spirits to add insult to injury, as when burnt, it is said to have a nasty odor.

I was a chef and studied and cooked all sorts of different ethnic cuisines and have never come across Asafoetida outside of East Indian cooking.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich