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“Paganism”: At Risk For Being The Second Chrisitanity?

Greetings to all of our People and Satanic Family.

We see many people self proclaiming themselves as “Pagans”. This message only has to do wih the “Play Pretend Pagans”. Similar is the case of many people change names on themselves to make their ideology or beliefs more socially applicable, or avoid enemy persecution. To some it is intelligent to do, to some dumb.

There are approximaley millions of potential faiths for people to simply “believe” in nowadays. Mormons, Christian Adventist, Wiccan, whatever else in this world. However all these faiths have a few things in common. They are all based on Christianity and take it to heart or very seriously. This is done on a non conscious level.

In most cases, they basically are christianity under a different guise. The same is the case for many people who call themselves “Pagan”. While they have not evaluated the depth of this in any way, they simply change over to supposedly “believing” to the Old Gods. While essentially remaining christian. Their faith is as empty as their ideology, and their belief is equally empty with no substance.

Spiritual Satanism on the other hand is no guise. There is no double doctrine or psychotic confusiom in the beliefs. As the jewish dogma is renounced and we have accepted by the first time that we just deny the conceptual understanding of jews. We actively seek to destroy it, because it’s threatening to mankind.

This is why we clash with many people who claim to be “not christian, not muslim” and so forth. They are not in this race to save themselves, those they care about, or humanity. We are. They are on the defensive most of the time, trying to make a little box to fit in. We fight for change though. They have not done this or plan to. At least in any actual way.

Unconsciously these people, note- unconsciously- they are exactly doing what the jews want them to be doing. The Pagans are therefore not only not persecuted anymore, but occassionally, people laugh at their retardiation.

The last time applied real Paganism existed in this world large scale, was in National Socialist Germany. Stalin opened the churches in Russia, Judea Declared War on Germany, and the whole world was mobilized to annihilate these people that woke up. They fought the “Satanic” (enemy in hebrew) element that was threatening to the jews and their authority. We all know what happened then.

The term for unspiritual animals is Goyim, meaning, those who are soulless and unspiritual. This is a literal term and the jews use it on Gentiles who have no spiritual quality about them. The top of the ladder being christians but also others included as well.

While the christians fill the above category, the Pagans, at least in their majority, also fill into this. In the end there is no spirituality of any sorts. Purposefully the level is kept low, let alone any spiritual evolution is even frowned upon. Pagans can act like a christian mob if they are confronted with spiritual truth and how it relates to what they consider as riddles and fables who just show some material world.

Which they do, but this is not their highest level of analysis. And the jews know this and they removed them for THIS reason.

Those who are self proclaimed authorities on Paganism also promote to basically be an animal of the field, and supposedly this is some sort of freedom and elevated state. Spiritual retardiation is exactly what the jews frown upon. As such the enlightening name SaTaNaMa is their enemy. But since is is hard rocket science. Let’s leave it aside.

The reality of the massive evolution of the universe is denied. Any questions in their otherwise “open” minds, discarded. The Odin they supposedly “Hail” they believe to be some archetype and so forth. In plain, they are just christians at the bottom, and of the lowest caste of christians, peasantry- not as in living rurally as this is good by all means, but in their mind.

The jews mention that they are afraid of Satanists. Which are the actual initiated Pagans. Not just make believe, pseudo-Julius Evola, and other characters who preach incessantly about living in the mountains isolated in the era of erm…Satellites who can see you like ants.

Somehow the “Pagans” think they are so fancy because they live rurally as mostly anyone’s grandparents lived a few decades ago. Which was approximately one hundred times harder to live than they do today. And that this is some sort of major achievement of theirs cause they erm, shower with cold water. While my grandparents had to walk two towns away for necessities.

Only without TV, cars, electric can opener, first mats to build your house by companies, printed books from e-bay, youtube, and of course google which is where they learned about their Gods. For which they probably would never learn if some people didn’t do a thing which is called Scientific Research and rivalled xianity for 20 centuries. Which in which places they globally conversate on how much civilization is decadent and to be despised.

Butour and my grandparents were domesticated proto-cucks because they were “civilized” and erm, lived as part of a greater civilization. So every scrawny tard nowdays also declared them weak, and even Hitler mediocre to follow up. Because all these characters with the pencil neck have the consciousness to judge Hitler, they think. Cause well, they say, Hail Odin once a year I guess.

And how our goal should be to return to the caves as being in a cave is enlightening. As these shamans in Peru who drink holy mead and see uhm, circles going around. Very enlightening indeed.. They like to call it survivalism as the term sells. Maybe I should call my grandparents uhm…Neolithic Protohuman Savage European Survivalists of Zeus, Perun or Odin.

Or something. This may sell well. And every so often we can say Hail Odin or Hail Zeus as if we know what we are talking about. And then we go to read a lot of stuff on how Christianity is only a natural continuity to Paganism while accepting Jehovah as just another Pagan deity. Confusiom beyond any bounds…

The Spiritual Satanist is the only real spiritual Paganism that ever existed in a concrete and clear doctrine form. We just go by this name for reasons we have explained before. But the essence is the same. Satan shows our opposition to enemy lies. The Gentiles are on their basis a spiritual species. And the ememy inverted this in “Goyim” to add insult to injury they have done.

We are just the same system that existed for us in many forms. Only concrete, stable, and accessible by all Gentiles, for free. Which everyone can follow and actally advance.

Many “Pagans” spend their time debating and recreating the christian ignorant feudal peasant all over again, only this time Christ is replaced with Odin.

They go into long arguements as to why the Ancients didn’t have much sex, didn’t own shit, kept knowledge to a minimal, and tying to show ancient great people as corrupted jewish saints. As if this morality was ever Pagan or even existentially correct, they praise it.

They just recreate the christian saint for weak souls to admire weaklings and defeated people. The Ancients were the reverse of this, but in a balanced, and certainly not honorless fashion. The same plastering is done for figures like Hitler by so called “Christian Nazis”. Because their standards of noblety and virue still are Christianity 101. Just without the Christ.

And in the end of the day maintaining the programming of the jews on what is noble for the good goy to be, is prevailing in their head. Because meditation and mind opening did never happen for them.

Lastly, the Satanic or Pagan spirit is of inquiry, curiosity, what many people today call as Scientific thought. The Ancients Pagan culture was this in itself. A culture of striving to fully understand the material and the immaterial.

Spiritual Satanism is applied and real Paganism. The one the enemy fears. Those who disregard this statement and the essence in it, farewell- “Odin Christ”‘, the god of the slaves, the celibate and so forth, is definitely not an appealing case.

Experience is what is needed,not vain words. This is what attaches the Soul to the Gods and forces us to become like them.

I went to face my Ancesteal Gods with prayer and approach and I asked them how I could best serve them. They showed me to Spiritual Satanism.

Have any of these people asked our Gods if their heart stands with us or not?

Has anyone asked, who is the one sitting behind the title “Satan”? Has anyone had any experience by themselves?

Who is the being behind the title?

Maybe they will discover what we did…If they do that.

– High Priest Hooded Cobra 666