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Satan: The Great Dragon & Kundalini Serpent

The Word Dragon does come from the word “Drakon” Of Ancient Greek, which is a cloak word for saying “Serpent”. In other words, Dragon does literally mean Serpent, and within symbolism, it’s entirely the same meaning.

The Dragon survived as a mythical creature, symbolic of the Power of the Serpent. The fact that Dragons fly is essentially to show the meaning of raising the Serpent to the “Heavenly Realm” which is the Crown Chakra.

Dragons are a mix of species pointing to reptiles, which many have erroneously and for purposeful deception tried to relate to “Reptilians” and to claim that Satan is a reptilian or something. As those who understand the enemy, they always try to ridicule things, while their profane materialism is just another way to attack Satanic spiritual concepts.

The symbolism however behind the eyes of the Dragon and it’s “reptilian” features, is because reptiles do possess excessive fortitude, energy, they change their skin, and they require a hot climate. The energy nature of the Serpent can also be shattering, violent and powerful, but “reptiles” also possess extrasensory abilities.

The agitation of the Serpent happens with and produces within the alchemical fire [Dragon Breathes the Fire], as with physical Serpents do become “Active” on a hot climate or during the hot months of the year. The Fire the Dragon breathes is the firey force meditators fell. Dragons also in some myths reside in a place no different than “Hell”, with fire, brimstone and coals, another relation with the element of Fire. The Dragon also commonly resides beneath ground in some myths, where it has it’s “Dragon Nest”, the “Hellish” base Chakra.

The choice of symbolism of a snake is nothing strange here, as the Kundalini Serpent behaves, moves, and operates a lot like a “Snake”. This is simply why everyone related to the Kundalini Serpent as a Snake. The energy moves in a Serpentine fashion, how a Serpent moves. The concept is based on nature.

Dragons, ie, Serpents, were looked upon always as positive entities, bringers of omens, protectors of households, and never had ominous content until the ascent of “Christianity”. From there on the Dragon was called negative, cursed, and many other defiling names. Dragons are linked to enlightenment and understanding. Due to their terrible power, they are also linked to destruction and damnation. Saint Kike George is a myth about how the “killing” of the Dragon is to commence. This is blasphemy.

Tales of Dragons have dominated both Chinese and European history. Dragons exist in endless European crests, and are symbols of power, authority, and strength.

Chinese kings and many others have made numerous myths on how one will “Ride the Dragon”, all symbolic of abilities the Serpent bestows. Except of massive wisdom, it does bestow the ability for easier astral projection, which is called frequently by the words “Flight”. The reasons for this should be understood by people who astrally project. The Serpent helps the soul raise in vibration and out of negative gravity, so one can effectively “fly” in astral projection. This is pretty uncommon in normal projection. More details on another post about that.

Many Xians due to excessive ignorance, are afraid of things like the “Book of Revelations” and other stupid materials. These materials are badly written, and jewdized versions describing Kundalini ascent, filled with negative subliminals, fears, and in particular tales of damnation for the unknowing populace. None of this is “Prophetic” and none of this is in anyway spiritual, other than that it uses strange symbolism to evoke deeper fears in mankind.

Due to spiritual illiteracy [caused by outlawing of spirituality under the penalty of death] many people are afraid of these things, and they cannot understand them, or even worse, assume that these materials are “prophecies” about the material world. This is done by the jews who like to keep people in a perpetual state of neolithic fear, ignorance, and blindness, so they can lead the blind “Sheep” into their slaughter. Especially true is also the case in Islam and all of Abrahamic “faiths”, which are only systems for enslavement, pretending there is anything spiritual in them whatsoever.

In all Pagan mythologies the Dragon appears in the last stage of the myths. If we are to get more specific, in the Herculean Labours he appears after the first few myths. The Dragon is not only positive or only negative, it is both, and is both helpful and aggressive. Hercules suffers from “reptiles” in his first labors, but manages to come into control of them in the last. This is symbolic of realising how this force works.

Over all these years in books I have never really found anything more revealing or important than the very obvious mythology in front of us. However, many things have been lost in the exact details of said myths. Yet all the existing myths are enough to lead someone as is to the raising of the Serpent and understanding of the hidden connotations.

In regards to the “destruction” of Gentile culture, there has always been a problem to the enemy: how does someone destroy the culture one has stolen from, and has dominated the whole planet? You simply cannot do that. Because every research and future discovery is going to bring it back up. Therefore the enemy went on the route of defamation and slander.

Dragons were kept at the center of this slander, but also became core symbolism in Europe. While the enemy consistently whined about how Dragons are negative creatures, deadly and so forth, most of our popular culture in Europe has had Dragons at the center. Dragons appear as extremely old, wise, and in some myths are aggressive to the hero while at other myths they help.

In the same way Satan detests people who are unwise and overly deceived, Dragons appear to be “attacking” people in myths such as the myths of Merlin or Hercules. Merlin is assaulted by the Dragon and also Hercules is assaulted. Why this is the case? Because they are retarded, and Dragons act as guardians to knowledge and understanding. The above also has to do with the premature rising or agitation of the Serpent when one simply is clueless about things. The Dragon “strikes back”.

In the famous myth of the Knights of the Round Table and Arthurian Legend, one king was called Uther Pendragon which is very close to Pandragon. The etymology is admitted to be related anyway despite of the worthless vowel changes of E and A.

Pan and the Dragon or Kundalini Serpent, are closely related. Pan is the fertility and Nature God of the Greeks, and Dragon is fairly obvious. The fusion of the two is a mysterious subject, because Pan also deals with “Everything”, but also on the “Highest Form”. In the Ancient Satanic Schools, the levels of the adepts were structured and organized, and the head of these was called “Pendragon”, or the highest Dragon.

Much if not of all this symbolism has survived, because our “species” is Satanic, even through the Middle Ages. On one hand one had the enemy program rampaging, on the other, nobody could let go of the old cutlure. We never stopped believing in these things, because we always knew that they were true.

Nowadays, Dragons are submerged in wonder, respect, and most movies that hit all time highs in views, have had dragons and other major Satanic symbolism into them. Without these nothing is interesting.

Satan’s equation with the “Great Dragon” and specifically the “Great Dragon of the Apocalypse” is really revealing, because it’s the enemy’s way of extrapolating on their fear of the rise of Satan, in a metaphor of the rise of the Serpent in the spiritual practitioner.

The so called “Apocalypse” is nothing but a stolen and manipulated text [past recovery and enemy infested] of the rising of the Kundalini Serpent. It was filled with strong negative subliminals to dissuade people and scare them, but also a copious amount of curses in it to impede humans from the process itself. We have been undoing this worthless blasphemy with our Rituals. There were similar books before and actual myths which describe the spiritual holiness of this undertaking.

The enemy had to manipulate these to get into our culture for their reasons of corossive destruction, and Christianity and Islam became the first “Dragon hating” cultures, as they became the first “Satan Hating” cultures.

In regards to this “attack from the Dragon” which ended up in Dragons ending up as cursed by the enemy, the enemy always wanted Satan’s secrets, and all the enemy is, is just an attack towards Lord Satan and his gift of bestowal on mankind. In this case, they attack every symbol associated with Satan with the highest slander.

Satan and those whom are under him always will rise as Dragons and turn the enemy to ashes, from ashes to the starry realms.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666