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Setanta, the Irish “Satan”

Setan-ta was a myth of a Pagan boy who had extreme human power, and is basically another Heracles like- Myth. This Myth if from the Irish people and is just another view of the same myth, of the miraculous birth of a very powerful child ascends spiritually.

Like Hercules, or the myth of Rostam. Rostam was the same myth in the Persian empire, and Rostam was born in town of SAH-NAH-MEH. Add a TA here what you will get…Sa-Ta-Na-Me… Just coincidences here fellow gentiles ignore this and be a good xian that attacks “Satan”.

In anyway, for the wise, the consonants S-T-N are of the spiritually most important, significant letters and universal sounds. This will be explained in another post.

The other name of SETAN-TA is Cu Chulain, pronounced Cuculain. Which does not appear to be far from the already known, native American Cuculkan, the name of the Kundalini feathered Seprent. This is the name of the Serpent in the Native American religion.

Cu Chulain (Setanda) is chased around by a negative woman called the Morrigan, which is basically the Megera of the spiritual instructional myth of Hercules, a woman that causes misfortunes to the otherwise strong hero. This is an allegory for the negative aspect of the soul where not properly trained, it foils the individual in all of their attempts, and chases them for destruction like an obsessive “evil witch”.

Both the name Heracles and Setanda imply what the hero needs to do in order to heal themselves, healing meaning the return to divinity.

Cu Chulain needs to come in contact with Cuculcan (the Serpent) or…Setan in order to do so. More accurately, he has to heal his woes by coming in contact with the feminine divine. Symbolized by Eimhear, his wife. Which is not much further from Eim-Hera in vocalization. And Heracles needs to call in Hera, the wife of Zeus. Hera-Cles means literally “he who calls in Goddess Hera”. Hera is the feminine Divine of Zeus, another version of Shakti, the feminine dignified energy of ascent. Rostam also is mothered by the Goddess of the Rivers.

Like Setanda in Ireland who is supposed to be violent and a warrior like character, like Hercules. All the labors of hercules are related to violence, with some exceptions. This is metaphorical and deals with spiritual connotations. As for Sanat-Kumara who is the central figure of the Sanatana Dharma, this manifests in other locales thousands of miles away, which is basically the creation characters like Setanda, the Divine Hero who has completed the Magnum Opus like Hercules does through the 12 labors.

There is no doubt to the studied and honest individual, let alone Spiritual Satanic initiated practitioner, that Father Satan is the God of the Earth, and the core of spiritual instructions on primordial, Pagan, and Spiritual civilizations. Everything against this has been slander and nothing but an attempt to spiritually devalue humanity and human beings.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666