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White Pride

I would also like to add to my last post. Jewish filth is the destroyer of civilization, and as we already know, the promoters of lies.

Textbooks have been written with nothing but lies, especially when it comes to history.

White history speaks for itself…
The castles, Gothic cathedrals and other architectural wonders designed and constructed by Whites, can speak for themselves. One does not just slap something like this together. This is a huge contrast to a mud hut or similar dwelling a step above what a muskrat or a beaver can build.
The Roman Coliseum is still standing after 2,000 years. They even had elevators in the Coliseum to bring people from the lower levels.

White music is also very sophisticated and complex, such as composing a symphony or an opera. Again, this is not something one can do just off the cuff or just slap together. Richard Wagner was organized, and planned and worked on some of his operas for 25 years. This takes a high level of intelligence and dedication.

White art also speaks for itself. Many ancient paintings by White artists are so perfect they could pass for a photograph. This is not seen in non-White cultures.

Nearly everything of modern civilization was invented by Whites.

The White Race is the direct descendants of the Gods. Our culture is advanced and beautiful. This even goes back to Ancient Egypt. Adolf Hitler, who is the reincarnation of Rameses II, designed many interiors of Reich’s buildings based on Ancient Egyptian decor.

We must fight to preserve our Race. I will be posting some rituals for this soon here to this group.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich